Customize product category page with your style with plugin “Customize Product Category For Visual Composer”


For this plugin to work, your site is required to have the plugin “Visual Composer” & plugin “woocommerce

Download Plugin Visual Composer: Here

Download Plugin Woocommerce: Here

First, install the plugin “Customize Product Category For Visual Composer”. you can see plugin here :  Custom product category for visual composer

plugin after installation:

Currently your interface is still by default of the theme, because you have not selected the template for the page, the screenshot below is your product category page theme.

And now, using the plugin. You want to build your style product category:

+ Add Template.

Create content in template.

Active Template

First, Add Template

Second, Create content in template.

Finally, active template

Product category page, after active template has just created

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment here …. Thank

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