WooCommerce Customize Product Tag

for WPBakery Page Builder (Visual Composer)

You can customize your product tag page to your style by simply dragging and dropping the interface without code, with require must have WPBakery Page Builder.


- Easy setup & easy to use.

- Just drag and drop interface without code.

- Create a product tag page in your style(with WPBakery Page Builder).

- All product tags use the same template activated, or each product tag uses a different template depending on how you settings.

- Help you save more time to set up for your product tag page.

- And more, you can install this plugin on your site to experience more functions.

How it work?

- After installing the plugin, you will create a template with your style with WPBakery Page Builder, if you want to use that template for all product tag, just click the Active This Template button and all product tag will display with template activated.

- But if you want: each product tag use a different template. For example: There are three product tag such as: tag A, tag B, tag C. You want product tag A to use template A simply visit the product tag A edit page and select Template Product Tag option with Template as A, similar that apply for product tag B & product tag C.


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