Restrict Content

for Avada Builder (Fusion Builder)

With this plugin, you will easy to manage who can access content Avada Builder rows, columns, container, elements,…


- Easy setup & easy to use.

- Restrict access based on user role.

- Protect sensitive content.

- Control user access.

- Clearly separate public content from private content.

- Restrict access to entire pages or specific sections.

- Specify the message shown to users who don’t meet the role requirement.

- Speed things up and save your time.

- Still more to explore, purchase and experience more functions.

How it work?

After installing and activating the plugin. You will, Make content access to whoever you want. It could be registered users, customers, authors, contributors, editors, shop managers, admins or your custom roles.


Video demo: Restrict Content for Avada Builder (Fusion Builder)

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